Guide to Outdoor Lighting - Electrician in South Yorkshire


There are many uses for outdoor lighting. From giving your home curb appeal, practical lighting to see you safety down dark paths, ambient lighting for decking and patio areas, or security lighting.

Having lights with timers, photocells and remote controls ensures you will never come home to a dark and gloomy house. And with new energy efficient bulbs, you can be confident they won’t cost you the earth to run. I can take you through your options of what type of light would be most suitable and cost efficient for your needs.


Outdoor Garden Lighting, South Yorkshire ElectrcianWall lights
Outdoor wall lights are usually found near doors and garages, or to light architectural features of a home. They look great fitted either side of a door creating a well-lit welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Landscape and path lighting
Path lighting illuminates walkways and steps. These are often small post lights, but can also be recessed, or brick lights which fit flush into a wall. Whilst embarking on the construction of a new path, patio, decking, or garden walls you should also consider what lighting you require. Laying cables during construction provides more flexibility with cable routing and lighting choices. However, if you wish to introduce outdoor lighting to an existing space, I’ll be happy to survey your current layout and discuss possible options with you.

Flood lights
These cast light across a wide area. They are often bright making gardens and yards well-lit. Flood lights are frequently fitted at a sufficient height so they can’t be easily accessed. Mounting a floodlight high up also makes sure that you have a wide field of light. When considering any lighting as a safety and security deterrent, you should consider the location and if additional lighting will discourage, or assist intruders. For further advice and information CLICK HERE and visit the police crime prevention website.

Post and bollard lights
Smaller post lights make an excellent feature on a pathway, around a patio or decking area. Large post lights are often used by those with larger driveways and gardens and make an impressive feature.

Deck and brick lights
Before starting a decking, patio, or driveway project, think about what lighting is best suited for your property. It’s much easier and provides more lighting options if the electrical work is carried out at the same time as the construction of your outdoor project. However, if you do fancy adding new lighting to an existing outdoor structure, get in touch with me and we can discuss the options available with the minimum amount of disruption.